Buşra Tunç is an architect/artist who produces her creative work in the fields of art and design with the focus of perception and experience. She studied architecture and cinema, as well as audio-visual. She gets the main motivation from space itself.  The concept of “atmosphere” forms the focal point of her work. The atmospheres created by Tunç, design the audience’s relation to the extent directly as a part of the work and are based on experience. The artist embraces space and time in an integrated approach and gathers light, sound, and material based upon the transformed fictions that has memory and the ability to take the body in.

The remarkable elements of her works consist of the industrial and everyday materials that are used out of their functional use, scale changing optical units and analog instruments that display digital appearances. The materials she uses often carry traces, residuals, and memories from the industrial places they used to belong and when they are rebuilt in different fictional purposes, still continue to carry those traces.